The extreme south of Corsica, an exceptional nature reserve, undoubtedly possesses the most famous beaches of the island…

To enjoy the magical surroundings of Porto-Vecchio, choose a quiet spot to lay your beach towel. An early start may be a good idea to avoid the 10 am touristic affluence. Likewise, after 5 pm, you will find more available, and sometimes even free, parking spaces.
If you enjoy sunbathing, do not forget your sunscreen, preferably mineral, to preserve aquatic fauna and flora.
This ranking will suit as many people as possible, families, active and non-active beachgoers, young and old alike. Every day, you can discover a new cove to find out which one suits you best.

This ranking is based on the increasing journey time required from Pietra di Sole hotel residence to Bonifacio beaches, from north to south.

#1 | Palombaggia

Plage du Palombaggia proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Palombaggia Beach in Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica

It is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Corsica, often mentioned in the top 3 of the most beautiful beaches in France. The beach of Palombaggia is a long and magnificent stretch of fine white sand of about 1.5 km lined by maritime pine trees and huge red granite rocks.

There are three accesses to the beach:

To the north of the bay, free parking shaded by umbrella pines, provided by the municipality of Porto-Vecchio and with a capacity of several hundred places, will allow you to park without too much trouble even in high season (July-August).
This beach access is near the jet-ski rental and scuba diving hut.
This car park is 5 minutes from the hotel residence.

To reach a little further south, with direct access to the beach in the middle of the bay, take the path leading to “Cala di Lume”.
This access does not have parking. It is a very narrow, two-way, car-accessible trail where vehicles park along the way. (We do not recommend this access during peak season.)
This location benefits from a lifesaving observation post and beach rescue station.
This trail is 4 min from the hotel residence.

At the southern end of the bay, the three beach restaurants Tamaricciu, Playa Baggia and Palm Beach each offer their customers a parking space (approx. 100). These are adjoining.
The parking fee is € 5/day per car and € 2/ day per motorcycle. The parking fee is then deducted from your restaurant bill.
These car parks are 3 min from the hotel residence.

#2 | Tamarricciu / Folaca

Plage de Tamarricciu proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Tamarricciu Beach in Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica

In the direct vicinity of Palombaggia, discover the beach of Tamaricciu / Folaca. Less visited, much smaller and intimate, this beach is nevertheless a beautiful haven.

The two coves are only separated by a small rocky outcrop hosting pine tree.

The nearest car park is at the Tamarricciu beach restaurant.

From the terrace of this restaurant, the Palombaggia Bay ends a few hundred meters away going south. It makes for a lovely stroll on the beach! Continue in the coastal scrub and follow the path for an extra hundred meters to reach the beach.

For early risers, there are a few parking spaces on the coastal road.
Until recently, one could see on this beach a century-old pine tree surrounded by an outcrop of red rocks stretching out into the calm Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, the 150-year-old Tamaricciu pine tree, a symbol on all postcards or souvenir photos of holidaymakers, infested by a parasite, was cut down in 2019. All that is left now is a trunk erected as a totem pole to honour its memory.

Take note: This beach is also an ideal spot for snorkelling. Two hundred meters from the shore, you will find a small rocky islet, a nature reserve inhabiting a rich underwater fauna.

#3 | L’Acciaju

Plage d'Acciaju proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Acciaju Beach in Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica

This beautiful beach is next to Tamarricciu /Folaca Beach. It is conveniently accessible by walking south along the latter or from the car park of L’acciaro Plage, a beach bar. The parking is free of charge, except in July and August.
Locals particularly appreciate the Acciaju Beach for its southern exposure and the surrounding dunes protecting it from the wind. Indeed Porto-Vecchio is prone to sirocco, the warm easterly wind from the Sahara.

Take note: Textiles and naturists share the beach harmoniously to the south of the bay.

This car park is 5 min from the hotel residence.

#4 | Santa Giulia

Plage de Santa Giulia proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Santa Giulia Beach in Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica

A 2-km long fine sandy beach, Santa Giulia provides the most complete and dynamic water sports centres in the region.
It also has a very gentle entry slope and shallow translucent waters for a good ten meters — the ideal spot for young children.
With its many built-up towns near the coast, especially visible by boat from the sea, Santa Giulia is not the wildest and most authentic beach in the region.
Free parking is available up to the beach entrance.
Santa Giulia Beach is 10 min from the Hotel residence.

#5 | Porto Novo

Plage de Porto Novo proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Porto Novo Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

Among the most beautiful beaches of Porto-Vecchio, Porto Novo is the most hard-to-reach beach, but the efforts are worth it! It is popular with walkers as well as boat owners. What a pleasure to be rewarded for your 45-minute walk by this wild and breathtaking sight of the shore! If you plan to spend the day at the beach, make sure to bring snacks and refreshments, in sufficient quantity, as you will not find any food service on that beach.
To access Porto Novo Beach by land, take the direction of Bonifacio. When you see a roadside quarry on your left, park your vehicle. Take the trail and walk for 2.7 km through the maquis to reach this paradisiac site.
Parking is 15 min from the hotel residence.

#6 | Rondinara

Plage de Rondinara proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Rondinara Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

Rondinara Beach can be accessed off the national road (N198) via the rather winding D158. During peak season, this last stretch can be a bit tricky with its frequent and difficult crossings.
Sheltered from the wind, the bay of Rondinara is unique with its alluring scallop shell shape.
Paid parking (€ 5) is mandatory—parking on the side of the road is prohibited, which is a bit unfortunate.
Nevertheless, its turquoise and shallow waters will easily make you forget this little hitch.
Finally, for the anecdote, it is not uncommon to see a small herd of cows enjoying the beach in mid-season.
Rondinara Beach is 20 min from the hotel residence.

#7 | Balistra

Plage de Balistra proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Balistra Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

To reach Balistra Beach, drive for roughly 2 km on a rocky dirt road (a 4×4 would be ideal, but it is manageable otherwise). You will then reach a wide sandy stretch far from the madding crowds. Beach volleyball nets are even awaiting players— absolutely unthinkable in Palombaggia or Santa Giulia!
Besides, the large parking area adjacent to the beach is free of charge, which is noteworthy.
There is only one beach bar on Balistra Beach. It is very discreet and does not request beachgoers to lay their towel on its deckchairs by the seaside.
There are a lifesaving observation post and beach rescue station on site.
Balistra Beach is 20 min from the hotel residence.

#8 | Piantarella

Plage de Piantarella proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Piantarella Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

To park as close as possible to Piantarella Beach, you have the choice between pay parking (€ 10) or, if you are lucky, on-street parking spaces.
This beach has a very narrow sandbank with lots of Posidonia algae. You will also encounter many holidaymakers walking along the beach on their way to the shores of Sperone. Reachable by boat, its magnificent turquoise waters await you!

Point of interest: Located a short 300 meters from the shore, you can also reach Piana Island, not by swimming, but on foot! The water level varies between 50 cm and 1.5 m to the island. This short walking excursion to Piana Island is recommended for people of proper heights for obvious safety reasons (adults only).
Piantarella is the most famous beach in the region for practising board sports, such as wind or kitesurf. On this site, you will also find a sailing school.
Piantarella Beach is 25 min from the hotel residence.

#9 | Sperone

There are two beaches under this name: Petit Sperone and Grand Sperone are the most picturesque sandy beaches you will ever see!

Plage du Petit Sperone proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Petit Sperone Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

From Piantarella Beach, walk 10 min south to reach the shore of Petit Sperone. Forget flip-flops! Wearing sneakers is strongly recommended to walk on sharp rocks. Petit Sperone is quite a small beach and is well known for its natural beauty. It is best to avoid peak hours.

Plage du Grand Sperone proche de Porto-Vecchio en Corse du sud

Grand Sperone Beach near Porto-Vecchio in South Corsica

From the beach of Petit Sperone, walk 10 minutes along the golf course of the same name to reach the beach of Grand Sperone. Less crowded and larger than his little sister, one will contemplate the views of the Lavezzi Islands and Sardinia.

Take note: The area of Bonifacio is windy. The coves being very exposed, we do not recommend you venture to these beaches on a windy day. Also, you must plan for snacks, food and refreshments if you wish to spend the day there. Petit and Grand Sperone are remote. You will not find any facilities nearby.